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School Health Information
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
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For updated information regarding Porter Township School Corporation's Health Services, please click on the below link:



With  the different illnesses that accompany elementary aged children, parents often like to send cough drops to school to help their child through the day. By state law NO over-the-counter medication may be administered at school without the proper form. You may download the "Over-The-Counter Parent Signature" form found in the Forms/Supply List tab on the left of the Porter Lakes main page.










According to Indiana State Law, NO medications will be given to students unless the following requirements are met.


  1. No medication shall be given to a student unless the school has a medication form signed by the physician and parent/guardian on file. A new form is required each year.


  1. All  prescription medication must be sent to school in the original container bearing the original pharmacy label and the student’s name.


  1. Medication which is required to be taken T.I.D. (three times a day) should be given at breakfast, upon arrival at home after school and at bedtime. There is no need for these to be taken at school.


  1. Over-the-counter medications may occasionally be given if they are;
    1. Sent in the original labeled container       or packet
    2. Accompanied by a parental permission form
    3. The time of the next possible administration and the amount to be given are specified. (the time is important because most medication last several hours. If a dose has been taken at home just before school, we would not want to give another dose an hour later at school.)


EXAMPLE: Abraham Lincoln may have one adult Tylenol any time after 11:00 am today for sore mouth due to orthodontic appointment


                                                           Mary Lincoln


  1. If any over-the-counter medication is to be given for more than 10 days (such as aspirin for arthritis), a doctor’s note will be required.


  1. It is the student’s responsibility to come to the office for his/her medication.


  1. No medication can be given to your child at school unless you have sent it in. We do not have stock medications.



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