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How To Work The Car Rider Line ~ For Everyone's Safety
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Tuesday, October 03, 2017
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How to Work


  Car Rider Line

   (for everyone’s safety)



Morning Car Rider Procedures:

·         A staff member will open the school door closest to the car rider line.  Please DO NOT let your child out until a staff member opens the doors.


·         Cars should pull up to the “Drop Off” sign, as far as possible, to allow more than one car to drop off at a time.


·         For safety reasons, students should exit the vehicle on the passenger side ONLY.


·         Please do not pull around another car unless instructed to do so.


·         If you forgot a note/lunch money/ etc.  - PLEASE pull into the parking lot to take care of those issues, then re-enter the drop off line.


·         If your child is arriving tardy for school, PLEASE take your child to the front door. (after 8:40, or 9:10 on Wednesdays)


Afternoon Car Rider Procedures:


·         Families will receive 2 car rider tags.  On these tags you should write your child’s name in block letters with a permanent marker.  Display your tag on your passenger side window.  Tags must stay in place until the child is loaded into the vehicle.


·         If you do not have a tag at car rider line, you should park and go to the office with ID to receive a car tag and then return to car rider line to retrieve your child.


·         Pull up to the “Drop Off” sign if you are the first car being loaded.  This assists us in loading more than one car at a time.


·         For safety reasons, have your child enter on the right side (passenger side) of the vehicle. PLEASE DO NOT exit your vehicle to assist your child in getting in the car. That is why our staff is there. PLEASE secure booster seats in the main parking lot after you have picked your child up.


·         As cars approach the student pick-up area, a staff member will alert the student by calling his/her name.  The student will proceed to the designated boarding area to be dismissed.  


·         While students are waiting, the noise level is to be quiet so each student can hear their name being called.  Please help us by reminding your child of this matter.


·         If a student is not ready for any reason, we may ask you to go to the end of the car rider line.  This keeps the flow of traffic moving as well as everyone safe.


·         Please keep the car-rider line moving. Do not stop to have a conversation with the car-rider staff. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, you will need to call the school office and set up an appointment. Or you may email your child’s teacher.


·         Please do not pull around another car unless instructed to do so.


·         For safety reasons, please do not talk on your cell phone while in the car-rider line and in the school zone





Please and Thank You:


·         Please have your car tag displayed on your passenger window.


·         Please write your student’s name in permanent marker and in block letters.


·         Please follow the directions of our teachers during car rider line.


·         Thank you for staying in your car and off your cell phone during car rider dismissal.


·         Thank you for having your student enter/exit your vehicle on the passenger side.


·         Thank you for reminding your student to stay quiet during car rider dismissal.




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