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Welcome to Porter Lakes Preschool

*If you would like online activities to do during an e-learning day, please go to the "links" section above.

*Some other activties to do during an e-learning day include:

  • Sing our "Days of the Week" and "Months of the Year" songs.
  • Practice counting things in groups of 20. Items like cereal, toys, crayons, etc. You can also use these items to make patterns or work on sorting.
  • Write your numbers 1-20. Write in a fun, new way like in salt, with shaving cream, or with a rainbow of colors.
  • Sing our ABC song and do the motions. 
  • Play "I Spy" around the house. Find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You can also draw pictures of the items, have someone write a list for you, or take pictures of the things you see.
  • Make a craft. What is our theme this month? Our letter this week? What season is it? Make something that goes along with something going on in our classroom. 
  • PLAY! Build, pretend play to go along with our theme this month, or play school.